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Word document version 283qtest.doc


SS Number: _____________

Test to Qualify for Exemption from AAD 283, 1999-2000

FOR EACH ANSWER INDICATE "C" OR "NC" NEXT TO THE NUMBER C IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT OF YOUR ANSWER, NC IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT. (Confidence in correct answers means plus points; confidence in wrong answers means minus points!)


** Using this bibliographic record taken from the online catalog, answer questions 1-5.

TITLE     Companion to contemporary architectural thought / edited by Ben Farmer and Hentie Louw.

PUBL INFO     London ; New York : Routledge, 1993.

SUBJECT     Architectural criticism -- History -- 20th century.

DESCRIPT     x, 673 p. : ill. ; 31 cm.

NOTES     Includes bibliographical references and index.



1 > UNLV Arch Bk Stks NA2599 .C66 1993 NOT CHCKD OUT


  1. I am in the Architecture Library and need a recent book on 20th century architecture criticism to take to architecture class in the next hour. Which parts of the record above would help you decide whether this is the book for you? [List as many parts as you notice.] (4 points)



  2. "ill" means ___________________________.

  3. What is the complete subject heading assigned to this book? _____________________________ _____.

  4. The book contains a list of additional readings: True or False? ____

  5. Rosenthal, Ruth and Maggie Toy, eds. Building Sights. London: Academy Editions, 1995.

    Based on this pattern for a book edited by Rosenthal and Toy, put the information from the online catalog bibliographic record above ("Companion to ") into correct citation format. (2 points)




  6. To what type of publication does this bibliographic citation refer?

    Herman, Michele. "Heartbreak Hotels." Metropolis 8, no.9 (May 1989): 21-22.

      • Book
      • Government publication
      • Internet document
      • Periodical article
      • Media material


    Using this entry from the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, answer questions 7-10.

    TITLE : J. Paul Getty Museum unveils preliminary scheme by ; Meier

    AUTHOR(S) : Pastier, John

    ILLUS. : model.

    LANGUAGE : English

    JOURNAL : Architecture: the AIA journal: 1987 July, v.76, no.7, p.18

    ISSN : 0746-0554

    SUBJECT(S) : Meier, Richard, 1934-

    Art centers--United States--Los Angeles

    (California)--J. Paul Getty Fine Arts Center

    AVERY CALL : AB Ar4562

    ID : RLINNYCA88-V2307


  7. What is the complete name of the magazine? _____________________

  8. What graphic material is included in the article? ______________

  9. How many subject headings were assigned to this article? _________

  10. To find out whether UNLV owns the magazine with this article, what must you write down to search in the online catalog? (2 points) _____________________________



    1. The full text of articles from the Review Journal (Las Vegas newspaper) can be found in neonweb in the section "newspapers online." True or False? ___________

    2. . Which part of neonweb would you search to find citations to journal articles on a topic?

        • online catalog
        • indexes
        • government publications

    3. Which part of neonweb would you search to find whether a journal is physically in the library?

        • online catalog
        • indexes
        • government publications


    1. The periodical Architectural Record has an article in it called "Technics Topics." Will a title search in the online catalog find the title of the periodical, the title of the article, or both titles?

      • title of the periodical
      • title of the article
      • both

    2. In searching for a general topic in the online catalog, and assuming you do not know the exact Library of Congress subject heading to use, which would you search first?

      • author
      • keyword
      • subject
      • title

    3. To find information about an author such as Christopher Alexander, which of the following would you search in the online catalog?

      • keyword
      • author
      • title
      • subject

    4. To find information by an author, which of the following would you search?

      • keyword
      • author
      • title
      • subject

    5. For both #16 and #17, your search would be successful if you entered in any of the following EXCEPT:

      • Farmer, B
      • Benjamin Farmer
      • Farmer, Benjamin
      • Farmer Benjamin

    6. The Architecture Studies Library owns a book called Design Juries on Trial. Will a title search in the online catalog find the title of the book?

      • yes
      • no

    7. When searching the online catalog for the book title The Architect and the American Country House what words should you type in to do a title search?

      • architect and the american country house
      • architect american country house
      • the architect and the american country house
      • architect and american country house


    1. In looking for a book with the call number NA2599.C66 1993 on the shelf, which book stacks side (of numbers 1-8 on the little diagram below) would you choose?(10 points)

    1 P 2 3 P 4 5 P 6 7 P 8

    Stacks 1:N 1.A66 NA 239

    Stacks 2: NA 240 NA 290

    Stacks 3: NA 291 NA 499

    Stacks 4: NA 500 NA 888

    Stacks 5: NA 889 NA 2388

    Stacks 6: NA 2389 NA 2493

    Stacks 7: NA 2494 NA 2754

    Stacks 8: NA 2755 NK 2600

    1. In the Architecture Studies Library why do you need a call number to find a bound (older) periodical but not to find a current periodical?

    2. The Architecture Studies Library has videos on architecture and landscape architecture that can be viewed on equipment in the library.
      • True
      • False

    3. Of the following, check all types of materials that must be gotten from the staff at the circulation desk:
      • Media
      • Course reserves
      • Reference books
      • Arch repair

    4. Definition one: Interlibrary Loan is a library department whose job is to get you books and articles if UNLV doesn't own them. Definition two: Reserves is the library service that allows professors to restrict use of certain materials to short loan periods.
      • Both definitions True
      • Both definitions False
      • Definition one True, Definition two false
      • Definition one False, Definition two true


    1. Why would someone working on a paper consult a periodical index?


    3. What is the difference between a full-text index and a bibliographic index?


    5. Electronic indexes often allow you to "mark" or "tag" records. Why?

    7. All of the following indexes to periodical articles include architectural journals, but they vary widely in the number of architecture journals. Put the following in rank order, with 1 being most comprehensive and 5 being the least comprehensive for architecture. (2 points)

      ___ Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

      ___ Art Index

      ___ Readers Guide

      ___ Expanded Academic Index

      ___ Uncover

    8. The following are some indexes (and the subjects they cover) available through the Library's neonweb. For each give an architectural topic for which you might use that index. (3 points)

      Compendex Provides access to citations and abstracts from 4500 journals and 2000 conferences covering all aspects of engineering. (1970-, updated monthly)



      PsycInfo International psychology database



      Sociological Abstracts The database includes research within the following topics: anthropology, business, collective behavior, community development, disaster studies, education, environmental studies, gender studies, gerontology, law and penology, marriage and family studies, medicine and health, racial interactions, social psychology, social work, sociological theory, stratification, substance abuse, urban studies, and violence.


    1. Truncation is an advanced search technique available on the online catalog, in some indexes, and with some Internet search engines. An example of truncation is "architect*" where * is a wild card. If you use truncation will that result in more hits or less?

      • more
      • less

    2. The online catalog allows you to limit the results of a search by typing in "L" and choosing from a list of limit options. Note one of those limit options: _____________________________________________

    3. Many databases and search engines allow for Boolean (logical) operators such as "AND" and "OR." To expand the results of a search, which would you use?

      • and
      • or


    1. Check any of the following uses of the Internet that apply to you personally: (no points)

      ___ email

      ___ find information for class work

      ___ find information in general

      ___ look for images

      ___ shop

      ___ don't use

      other: _________________________________________________

    2. How often do you access the Internet for information? (no points)

      • never
      • more than once a day
      • once a day
      • at least once a week
      • once a month or less
      • a few times per month

    3. Which Internet search engine do you use most frequently? (no points) ____________________________

    4. How can you find a search engine you have not used before, just to try it?



    5. How can you determine the total number of pages something is before printing it off the web?


    6. Name a site that you consider to be a substantial architecture web site. What do you use it for?



    7. In addition to web search engines you can locate information through web guides or directories. What are web guides and why might they be superior to search engines in certain situations? (2 points)



    8. Explain what type of entity is hosting web pages whose address ends in the following, and give one example of each: (2 points)

      .edu _____________________

      .org _____________________

      .com ____________________


    1. List criteria you might use to decide whether a book or article in a list of citations [like the citation in question 5] was something you wanted to take the time to track down. Topic is the obvious criteria what are other criteria that would indicate quality or usefulness? (2 points)



    2. All of the following are found in the Architecture Studies Library Reference Section except:

      ___ Encyclopedia of World Art

      ___ Dictionary of Building

      ___ Time-Saver Standards for Building Types

      ___ Directory of Architects for Health Facilities

      ___ Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses

      ___ Uniform Building Code

    3. Describe a situation when browsing in the book stacks or the architecture reference stacks would be an appropriate search strategy.




    5. The one place to look to find everything published on your research topic is:

      • The online catalog
      • The Internet
      • This can't be done
      • Encyclopedia of Architecture

    6. For each of the following types of information, indicate whether the Internet or a print source (like books or articles) is most likely to be where you find the information. Indicate "I" or "P" (5 points)

      Address of the firm of Venturi, Scott Brown ____________

      Description of a manufacturer's product ____________

      Bibliography on design of hotels ____________

      Design standards for library stacks ____________

      Legal standards for fire exits ____________

      Biographical information on Palladio sufficient to write a paper ____________

      Encyclopedia-type background information on the history of libraries as a building type ____________

      Rigorously reviewed case studies analyzing building performance (Post Occupancy Evaluations) _____ Comprehensive guide to the architecture of St. Louis ____________

      The proper city department to get permits ____________

    7. Books and magazines are useful for different types of information, and in different circumstances. Explain why it is desirable to include articles from magazines or journals in your research, and give as many examples as you can to support your argument. (2 points)






    8. Professional associations are important sources of information. They are often known by their acronyms, but frequently you will find little if you search by acronym only. The following acronyms stand for professional associations in architecture, interiors, landscape and planning. Indicate what at least one of these stands for (do as many as you know!).
    9. AIA _________

      ASLA ________

      APA __________

      ISID ___________

      AIAS ___________

    10. What might be some clues that you are reading an article from a scholarly journal as opposed to a popular one? Give one example of a case when you might be looking for one (either scholarly or popular, please specify which!) but not the other [and don't say "because my teacher required it"!]. (2 points)



    12. List as many ways as you can think of to go about finding material for a paper on the Amiens Cathedral. (3 points)





    14. In looking for a book with the call number NA 2599.C66 1993 would you look before or after NA268.D8?
      • Before
      • After

    15. Indicate the correct order of the following five call numbers:
    16. ___ NA2110K441

      ___ NA258.J356

      ___ NA 737.J355

      ___ NA 737.J36

      ___ NA 737.K554

    17. How would you rate yourself in terms of experience/familiarity with the library? (please check only (no points)

      • Know very little
      • Know some but not confident
      • Able to find most things
      • Very experienced

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